Start a business without a capital, Build technology solutions to upscale your enterprise and solve critical lifestyle and business problems around the world; Riffutures is an expert in create outstanding solutions to tackle Smes, Corporates and individuals problems across the Globe. Browse our solutions.

Riffutures expose you to a different level of civilization by giving exotic solutions to advance your personal or business adventures. With over 20k beneficiaries and over 200 business partners; We guarantee premium solutions to contain challenges that affect livelihood and businesses around the world.

Our goal is to create a tech ecospace in africa and build a network of innovators that are self sufficient and solve major capital and technology challenges with top tier inventions, solutions and resources output

Our Solutions


Subpadi is a Nigeria telecommunications services system developed to automate telecoms service processing and reduce cost of technology service access in Nigeria. Subpadi is one of our Zero Capital Initiatives Innovation generating alternative stream of income to many individuals in Nigeria.


RIF International Logistics gives your business the true meaning of digitalization and globalization . It helps you export your products anywhere in the world with just a finger tap. Technology is not complete if it doesn't facilitate inter border trades and that's the gap Riflogistik closes. Riflogistik services include exportation and importation of products, products clearing, products documents facilitation, Air and Ship cargo, road Logistics, product packaging and documentation, consignment tracking among others.


MarketingHob helps you to build your social and business page with followers, subscribers, likes and Views, comments, including Social Media Adverts, Search Engines Advert such as Google ads, Web and Mobile applications development, Artificial intelligence development and other secondary services..


RIF MALL is an ecommerce website that allows you to order for African products in diaspora. It helps Africans in diaspora get quality african foods and cloth at a very affordable price within a short delivery period.


Rifwallets help you to receive money from abroad and easily convert them to your naira bank account without any problems. It helps secure the value of your money and make it very easy to receive and save in your local bank account. You can also convert all global store GIFTCARDS into naira and easily withdraw to your local bank..


Riffutures is an international business group that focus on building sustainable business solutions that requires little to zero capital to develop individuals and SMES.

Over the years we have focused on many zero Capital business Innitiatives that help individuals living below the minimum wages including students earn a substantial amount of money as an alternative source of income. Furthermore, we employ technological Innovations to target major business challenges facing small and medium scale businesses in Africa and also to Africans in diaspora. One of our major breakthrough has been the facilitation of international logistics that enables speedy accessibility and exchange of goods between Africans and their international associates and also sourcing of materials and resource that help sustain the business of Africans in diaspora..

We are looking towards building strong collaborations with local and international investors to tackle major business challenges in Africa including human capital development to foster a more resourceful and productive africa.

In 2021 we started an e-learning Innitiatives to develop more Nigerians in the technological sector; this lead to the creation of Riffutures Research Academy that has proved productive in training young minds both men and women in building technology solutions, Agricultural productivity and importation and exportation services as a means of increasing local development.

It is also important to note that riffutures in 2020 started a business coaching program to arm small and medium businesses against business closures and capital bankruptcy, we figured out by statistics from a major research organization in Nigeria that over 67% of Nigeria's micro and small businesses fail within their first two years of business because of wrong business setup; lack of branding techniques, failure to locate customers, lack of funds management and administrative care. We have been able to setup educative materials and also create virtual and private training that address this major difficulties with appreciable results over the years.