In the heart of Africa's transformative journey lies Riffutures – a beacon of innovation, research, and progress. As industries evolve rapidly, Riffutures emerges as a guiding force, shaping the continent's destiny through cutting-edge advancements in Technology, AI, Bioengineering, Health, and B2B Services. Browse our bronchur.

At Riffutures, we're all about finding the perfect balance between fresh ideas, ongoing learning, and deep research to shape Africa's path forward. Think of it like weaving a vibrant fabric, where every thread plays a crucial role. Our mission? To position Africa at the forefront of technology, tackle tough issues using AI, enhance healthcare through scientific breakthroughs, and fuel sustainable business growth. Join us on this exciting adventure as we aim to blend innovation, research, and learning to create a brighter future for all.

In our dreams, Africa shines brightly with untapped potential. Envision a continent where technology acts as a beacon of progress, revitalizing forgotten areas. Here, advanced tools guide us towards smarter decisions, while scientific breakthroughs bring healing to all.
At Riffutures, we're not merely dreaming; we're turning these dreams into reality. Join us on this remarkable journey, where each idea ignites hope and every stride leads us closer to a brighter future. Together, let's create a world where everyone thrives, where innovation illuminates our path, and where endless opportunities await. Welcome to Riffutures, where dreams take flight, one step at a time..



Project Description Current Version/State
SCREENHUB Virtual Reality NEtwork Development
Updated Version (2023)


We are seeking partnership on

Subject Applications Projection
DRONE Road Monitoring And Engagements
Mobile Delivery
Security Engagements
FARMING(Disease Identification and Pest Control)
Surveillance and Mapping
Controlled Remote Engagements
MOBILE MOTORS Controlled Motion Engagements
Mobile Alternative Transporation
AGRO Applications
Industrial Delivery Network
AI RECOGNITION Register and Logging
Digital Signature Access
Smart Gadget
FARMING(Identification and Control)
Surveillance and Mapping
Anti-Theft(General Application)
AI RESPONSE Customer Support (RIF CRM)
Virtual Assistance(Anubis)
Decision (Store, MAll, Ecommerec)
Probability(Firms, Finance, Execution)
Coaching (Tetragit)
Updated Version (2023)




Payment Acceptance, Account Generation and Money Transfer
International Payment Acceptance and Processing
Giftcard Exchange Gateway.
Betting System Gateway.


Smart House Gadget (Local Assembly)
Motor Programming(Local Assemble/Development
AI Related Model Dev (Local/African related Knowledge Base)
Smart Device Engineering(Local Source/Assembly).


VR Network Framework (Local Base)
Local Language Processing Models
Local Messaging Processing Framework


End-To-End Product Movement Cycle Access (Foreign MArket Framework
International Market Penetration For African Goods(International Market Creation & Sales)

Careers and Job Oppourtunities


Personal Qualities:Science Geek, Research Mind, Quality Teamwork Capabilities, Integrity
TOOL Proficiency: React, React Native, Vue js, Jquery,Flexbox, (Js Library familiarity), Git, others
JOB Roles:Develop Frontend Web Application, Develop Mobile Application
JOB Roles:Research on New and Custom concept Related to Frontend Development
Our Expectation: We need an experienced developer that can get fast result with limited Resources, research and build on custom concepts and deliver professional result based on brand Strategy
Yearly Net Pay:N1,260,000


Personal Qualities:Science Geek, Research Mind, Quality Teamwork Capabilities, Integrity
TOOL Proficiency: Python, Django, REST API, Server Security and Management, Git, others
JOB Roles: Develop Custom scripts and Framework for web and mobile projects
JOB Roles:Research on New and Custom concept Related to Python and Django for Industrial Usage
Our Expectation: We need a developer well experienced with python django libraries, and can write perfectly optimised server codes for custom projects
Yearly Net Pay:N1,260,000

UIUX Designer

Personal Qualities:Creative Thinking, UX/UI design skills:, listening skills, Quality Teamwork Capabilities, Integrity
TOOL Proficiency: UX/UI design skills: Proficient in using design software such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, or similar tools.
JOB Roles: As a UI/UX Designer, you will be responsible for creating intuitive, user-centered designs that enhance the overall user experience of our digital products and services.
Our Expectation: We need a designer that can visualise our brand expectation via the quality design of our product and services
Yearly Net Pay:N1,212,000

2024 Position

Senior Developer(Ai&Security)

Net Pay:N1,800,000

Business Strategy/Marketing Manager

Net Pay:N1,212,000

Social media developer

Net Pay:N840,000

Human resources manager

Net Pay:N840,000

Project manager

Net Pay:N1,080,000

Executive Rep(social)

Net Pay:N600,000

Executive Rep(sales)

Net Pay:N600,000


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) form the cornerstone of any nation. They are crucial elements in nation-building, playing pivotal roles in various critical aspects of business and societal life.

As an organization, we have made a substantial commitment to investing in SMEs within the industrial complex. Our focus involves extensive research into innovations, inventions, and collaborations that can serve as guiding lights for startups, steering them toward a path of success. Sadly, the statistics reveal a harsh reality: over 50% of startups in Africa face failure within the first two years of operation. This failure stems from various instabilities that manifest in different forms, posing challenges to achieving profitability and economic sustainability.



Being a steadfast, beginner-friendly, and lucrative sector in Africa, we have established an extensive multi-million network infrastructure within the telecommunications industry. Through our Zero Capital Initiative, we have nurtured numerous micro and small businesses. This initiative has empowered over 30,000 students, benefiting from it, and has aided more than 1000 budding entrepreneurs in launching their commercial ventures. These individuals are now building their unique business portfolios within this architectural framework.

Investure: We are dedicated to constructing a more sophisticated Software-as-a-Service architecture, complete with a readily available tech nodes software and a robust server network. This comprehensive setup aims to deliver an instantaneous telecoms business experience through a simple form submission (NITEL). With an investment ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, we offer a business valuation-worthy software package that can transform entrepreneurs into technopreneurs within the telecoms sector.
This package encompasses:
A web application seamlessly integrated into the network grid
A mobile application, designed for either single or cross-platform use
A meticulously crafted server architecture tailored to cater to your specific business requirements.

Partnership:Let us know how we can work together MAIL SALES.


A significant number of businesses without an online presence are rapidly facing decline. This alarming trend is a consequence of the growing global interconnectivity facilitated by digital platforms. Your clients, even on the far edge of the world, can be closer to you than your local neighbors. Our dedication to digital transformation, branding enhancement, explosive sales growth, and the digitalization of local businesses is resolute and yielding substantial recognition from both existing clients and potential prospects.
We are intensifying our investments in this sector, with plans to double our efforts by 2024. Our aim is to extend our reach to more remote businesses within the country, leveraging local and user-friendly technological innovations that align with their comprehension and control.

Investure: We are broadening the scope of our one-click web application to be more attuned to the needs of domestic businesses, offering a plethora of custom solutions designed for small and large enterprises across Africa. Our efforts include the development of a mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS devices, aimed at making this expansion possible. This initiative will also introduce a range of business services that might not have been readily accessible before, all at highly affordable rates.
Partnership:Let us know how we can work together MAIL SALES.


Africa still faces high maternal and infant mortality rates due to inadequate access to quality healthcare during pregnancy, childbirth, and early childhood. We are committed to providing comprehensive midwifery services, including prenatal and postnatal care, to ensure safer pregnancies and healthier infants.

Millions of Africans lack access to basic healthcare services due to geographical barriers, limited healthcare infrastructure, and financial constraints. We are dedicated to reaching underserved areas through mobile clinics, telemedicine initiatives, and community health outreach programs.

At RIFMedics, our commitment to addressing healthcare challenges in Africa goes beyond providing medical services; it's about creating lasting positive change in communities. By focusing on prevention, education, innovation, and compassionate care, we are determined to contribute to a healthier and more resilient Africa for generations to come. Your well-being is our priority, and we are dedicated to making a difference.


Muhammed Iman

Executive Director and Chancellor of Riftowers

Muhammed Iman, a name synonymous with innovation, resilience, and leadership, stands as a beacon of change and transformation in the dynamic world of business and technology. With over a decade of unwavering commitment and dedication, he has left an indelible mark on the global stage, empowering individuals and enterprises alike. Here is the inspiring journey of a true visionary..

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Being a true technological dynamo, driving change and empowerment through innovative initiatives. His visionary project successes, such as Subpadi Telecommunications, Bigisub, and MarketingHob, have revolutionized the landscape for small businesses and individuals, providing them with newfound opportunities for financial liberation and success. With an AI-assisted software set to launch in April 2024, Muhammed's impact is poised to reach even greater heights, solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the world of business and technology. News publications, including Vanguard, The Guardian, Connect Nigeria, Nairaland, and others, have widely recognized and celebrated his groundbreaking work, reinforcing his dedication to ensuring that everyone has the chance to thrive in the business world.


Iman, a distinguished leader, has journeyed from student leadership positions in organizations like NAMS, NANS, NAUS, and NASS, where he ardently protected students' interests and promoted their rights. His visionary leadership propelled him to influential roles within these bodies. Today, Muhammed's boundless passion for empowering students and low-income earners in Nigeria and Africa is at the core of his venture, Riffutures, which creates zero-capital business opportunities. Over 50,000 students and over 1 thousand low income earners and graduates have joined his business empowerment innovation under his guidance, and revenue has grown over 1000% within 1year. His forward-thinking approach extends to substantial investments in business development research, AI projects, and tech innovations, all driven by his unwavering belief in Africa's potential. Muhammed Iman Oladimeji's journey stands as a testament to the power of visionary leadership and innovation, poised to drive positive change and empower communities, making him a figure earning both local and global support.


Iman's influence extends across borders, and his work resonates globally. His collaborations and networking with startups and stakeholders have led to groundbreaking business ideas, all while promoting self-generated revenue and personal growth. His journey, marked by resilience and adaptability, showcases the boundless potential of visionary leadership.


In 2020, Muhammed Iman, through the Rif Foundation, demonstrated remarkable compassion and vision by extending aid to people in various cities and rural development areas across different geopolitical zones of Nigeria. His commitment to community well-being and empowerment was further exemplified by the launch of ground-up business development sessions, where he imparted essential knowledge on building sustainable businesses with limited to no capital. These initiatives bore fruit, driving significant success in innovation development. Muhammed is now poised to showcase these innovations for adoption in the near future, reflecting his dedication to not only generating wealth but also sharing knowledge and fostering economic growth in local communities. His humanitarian and entrepreneurial spirit sets a powerful example of using innovation for social betterment.

In an era where technology and business intersect, Iman stands at the forefront, shaping a future that empowers, uplifts, and transforms. His story is not just captivating; it's a testament to the infinite possibilities that await those who dare to dream and act with purpose.

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